Yaneyra Hilario
Yaneyra Hilario/Designer
Phone: 917-710-3528

10 seconds is all you get. That’s when a home shopper receives their first impression. That impression will make the decision of whether or not a house feels like home. My goal is to provide you with high-quality staging services that will give buyers the home feel impression.
Staging will help you sell your home faster and at a better price.


SOLER ENTERPRISES is a service provider & consulting firm for small businesses. They focus on the integration of new technologies to enhance business operations & increase sales.

They implemented new Cloud Solutions into our business including this website. In the process, we saved over a thousand dollars a year in service fees and over $400 in software licensing fees! Contact Steve and let him know his cousin Marcus Soler sent you.
SOLER.NET | 203-405-8635